FAQ questions

What is The Protein Donut?

The Protein Donut is the snack you've always wanted! It's a fun and delicious treat designed to be healthy, tricked to make you think it's not.

What makes The Protein Donut healthier than a normal donut?

Let's start off with simple fact that they're baked & not fried!

Each one of our donuts are made with whole ingredients, allowing you to receive the proper nutrients and protein that will help you get through the day or hold you over when you need a snack.

Our donuts do not have any added sugar or sweeteners.

What type of flour do you use?

All of our donuts are made with Gluten Free Oat flour.

Is your donut gluten free?

Yes, our donut is gluten free, used only oat flour.

How much protein does each donut have?

Each donut has 13-15g of protein! You can find the nutrition facts on your box of donuts or take a look at your favorite flavor on our site.

 Where does your protein come from?

We use Whey protein. However, the majority of where you'd be getting your protein from is our whole ingredients, such as our flour, eggs white and Non-Fat Greek yogurt.

 Where can I find the nutrition facts?

They are on our label on each product

How long do the donuts last?

Since the majority of our donuts are made with whole ingredients, our donuts stay delicious in the fridge for 10-12 days.

However you can freeze them make it last up to 3 months!